Bespoke Systemic Training Services

The Family Institute offers Bespoke Systemic Training Services to teams and organisations. This will often be sought when a team or organisation wish to design or re-design, enhance or develop their services in ways which reflect greater systemic awareness, and want the advantage of learning together within their practice context.

• Bespoke Systemic Training can include training on how to integrate systemic ideas into existing practices in health, social care, education and other related areas of practice.
• Bespoke trainings are negotiated with the staff of The Family Institute and will include a curriculum designed to fit best the needs of the team or organisation. It usually does not carry assessment of students learning or access to the learning resources offered by the University to its own students. For this reason the costs of running bespoke training is more modest for each participant.

When you call us to arrange bespoke training we will negotiate with you directly about the best way to deliver the training; who it will be relevant to include and where the training might best occur. The negotiations help us to ensure the greatest ‘fit’ for you.
These and all other details including costs will be discussed with you directly.

For examples of previous Bespoke Training with organisations see Research Interests and Projects

If you are interested and which to find out more Please contact us.