Consultation Services

The Family Institute offers a consultation service to individual practitioners, teams and organisations. The service might be a single meeting or a series of meetings held over a more extended period of time.

• We regard a consultation process as a specialist conversations held to explore, better understand or enhance practices relevant to therapy, education, health, social care or organizational development. These conversations take place to help the consultee make changes or developments in their context or situation in the most useful ways.

• Consultations with individuals (practitioners and professionals) are usually limited to a specific number of meetings and are usually meant to address specific matters relevant at a particular time and in a particular context e.g. feeling stuck with aspects of practice or a particular piece of work; looking to make a change in relation to an organisation or employment.

• Consultations with teams and organisations are also usually limited to a specific number of meetings and are usually designed to enhance or enable change and reflection on practices e.g. team reviews, addressing change in an organisation’s practice or structure.

• When you call us to arrange a consultation we will negotiate with you directly about the best way to meet; who it will be relevant to include in any meetings and where any meetings might best occur. The negotiations help us to ensure the greatest ‘fit’ for you. These and all other details including costs will be discussed with you directly.

For examples of previous consultative work with organisations see Research Interest and Projects

If you are interested and which to find out more Please contact us.