Psychotherapy Services

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The Family Institute offers an independent psychotherapy service for individual adults and children, families or couples. The service might be Family Therapy (with more than one member of a family), or Consultations with individuals.

  • We regard the therapy process as a specialist conversation, where you discuss your experience of problems within a safe and supportive context. Therapists help you to make the changes you wish to make in your lives.
  • When you call us to make a referral we will discuss with you who you think should attend the first appointment. You may come individually, with your partner, any significant other or your family.
  • Meetings usually last an hour, the first one, and any subsequent ones are arranged in negotiation with you.
  • We offer the opportunity of working with a therapist and a small group of consulting colleagues who form a therapy team, working using a one-way mirror and telephone link. We find this way of working effective because colleagues can pay attention to different points of view, offer useful ideas and be available to offer immediate feedback and consultation to you and your therapist. You can choose to work with a single therapist if you prefer.
  • You have the option of seeing the staff at The Family Institute or a Clinical Associate under supervision.

This and all other details will be discussed with you at the time of referral. If you wish to learn more, please download our brochure The Family Institute Psychotherapy Service and fee scale Psychotherapy Service Fees
You may refer yourself by simply contacting us by phone or email. 01443 483820
For professionals interesting in making a referral please see Family Institute Third Party Referrals