The Family Institute Review – Dysgu – is one small way of gathering and celebrating the work that the students of The Family Institute produce in the normal course of studying and training to become Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Systemic Practitioners. During the intensity of training, ideas from across these fields are described, de-constructed and developed, adding depth and texture to our understanding of this complex area of study and practice and benefits us all.
In keeping with essay writing and ‘small-house’ publishing as another way of creating a spirit of inquiry, this review is offered as a ‘learning tool’ for student groups and colleagues associated with The Family Institute.
We are certain that this bundle is packed full of challenging, creative and often inspiring writing. We are also certain that we could quite easily have added to this list other essays, which in their way are examples of fine academic writing, but the limitations of this publication would not allow.
Dysgu 2007
Dysgu 2008
Dysgu 2009
Dysgu 2010
Dysgu 2011
Dysgu 2012
Dysgu 2013
Dysgu 2014
Action Research Dysgu 2015
Dysgu 2016
Dysgu 2017